Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Marhaban! Friends and Enemies Alike!

As seen at Gates of Vienna:

Top left balloon (UN): Sorry, but what about your treatment of women, if I may ask?

Muslim: You little Zionist Islamophobic racist! This is not a women-conference but a HUMAN rights conference!

Bottom balloon (EU): Uh… ehh… I’ll just say… Allahu Akbar…

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ibn Karandash, which means Son (Arabic) and Crayon (Russian). Son of the Crayon. Not my real name, of course.

For years, I have attempted to become the next Pat Oliphant, or Jeff MacNelly, and secretly, I have been seething green plumes of envious smoke at the brilliant success of Cox and Forkum.

I used to draw my cartoons for newspaper editors, who were such timid, quaking creatures, that they actually believed no one understood the world as well as they. How they would wring their hands while analyzing my cartoons, deciding whether to publish them or not, fearing every conceivable backlash...so I drew tame things, which got me published in the newspaper employee's newsletter, but not anywhere else.

Well, Thank Allah for the blogosphere! Now, who NEEDS to submit to all those girlish editors and their lawyers? Not me, that's not who.

So you see the above cartoon...written in Swedish? Yes. Funny! Finally, a funny cartoon with Islam as the main joke...most of them are tame and unfunny, and yet, all the glorious embassy and flag burnings! At Gates of Vienna, a gauntlet has been thrown down to all cartoonists, which includes me, Ibn Karandash, to start drawing The Prophet Who Shall Not Be Named (pbuh). So here is to my first post, and tomorrow, I will submit, for your disapproval and implacable outrage my first blog cartoon. If you are angry with righteous indignation, please feel free to post a fatwa in the comments. I hear that they are all the rage!

In support of Lars Vilks, and the Danish Cartoonists, Ibn Karandash joins in on the mayhem.


dick said...

There's nothing about you in your profile, which may I suppose be wise. But how about telling us a little about yourself? Are you, in fact, a muslim, as your name seems to imply.

Ibn Karandash said...

I am 100% pure infidel running dog. I hope to make my blog a hide out for other infidel cartoonists, with apostate former muslim cartoonists to feature prominently, along with Zionist and mainly conservative. This is an excellent project for lovers of freedom. You may not know this, but more than 200 years ago, the US Congress, meeting then in Philadelphia, passed a law forbidding the depiction of members of Congress to be depicted as animals....which lead to a complete breakdown in law and order, when the ribald cartoonists began depicting the lawmakers as fruit and vegetables....needless to say, that law didn't last very long. In addition to posting my own 'toons, I will highlight any fatwa-worthy artist who makes me laugh.

Ibn Karandash said...

Eesh, my language skills suck lately...sorry.